Recommended CD-ROMs

by Torrey Nelson

When I started this page in 1995 I thought CD-ROMs were the ultimate information source. They could hold so much information on one little disk. Soon I discovered that the World Wide Web was an even better source for information and it was all at my finger tips. Hence, I have purchased very few CD-ROMs and this list still remains very short. We all hate dead links, so I will continue to publish this page, but more as a historical curiosity. Even so, the items listed are very good and I still recommend them.

first person: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Live from Death Row

This CD-ROM by Voyager works both on Macintosh and Windows systems. It is very educational and has a very usable interface.

Kodak Photo CD

Once your photos have been converted to this CD-ROM, you have a variety of resolutions to choose from. The higher resolution images are of very high quality. Of course, they are only as good as the photographs you have scanned.

The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

An Encyclopedia is always a handy reference to have, and this one is no exception. Check out the 2003 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition at

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