Glass Harp

Glass Harp is a three man band that dates from the early 1970's. It is a typical power trio lineup (drums, bass, and guitar) as is/was Blue Cheer, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Primus, and Rush. But, as each of the bands mentioned has a sound unique to themselves, Glass Harp has its own unique and very musical sound. They can and do rock, but other times their sounds converge to a spacey kind of folk. Many of Glass Harp's songs travel from soft and airy musical fantasies to down right mystical rock-n-roll jams.

Glass Harp is: Phil Keaggy, guitars, vocals; John Sferra, drums, acoustic guitar, tambourine, vocals; and Dan Pecchio, bass, flute, vocals.

Phil Keaggy is a outstanding guitarist that has released dozens of solo albums. Some are very similar to Glass Harp, and many are very different.

To learn more about John Sferra check out the John Sferra Home Page.

Many of Glass Harp's songs take on Christian themes. Phil Keaggy would later embark on a prolific solo career that would continue in this area. Glass Harp was one of the first rock/pop Christian bands and remains one of the finest examples of 20th century Christian music. Glass Harp continues into the 21st century with the release of the recordings Strings Attached and Hourglass. No matter which era, Glass Harp's music remains solid throughout, always capturing the listeners interest in rhythm, melody, and meaning.

A list of Glass Harp CD's and LP's ...

Glass Harp Cover Live! At Carnegie Hall Cover Synergy Cover


Glass Harp
Lineca LCCD 9.01253 O
1. Can You See Me 2. Children's Fantasy 3. Changes (In The Heart Of My Own True Love) 4. Village Queen 5. Black Horse 6. Southbound 7. Whatever Life Demands 8. Look In The Sky 9. Garden 10. On Our Own
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Special Friends Productions GH-889
1. Seven In A Box 2. What's In Your Heart 3. You Whisper Something 4. Everlasting Light 5. In Every Cathedral 6. Eastern Star 7. Image 8. That Way 9. Voice of God Call Out 10. Once A Day Dream 11. What Matters Most 12. I Love All Life 13. My Prayer 14. Lupins' 15. If Love Is All We've Got 16. Weather Boy
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Live! At Carnegie Hall
Canis Major 0002-2
1. Look In The Sky 2. Never Is A Long Time 3. Do Lord 4. Changes 5. Can You See Me
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It Makes Me Glad
Lineca LCCD 9.01255 O
1. See Saw 2. Sailing On A River 3. La De Da 4. Colt 5. Sea And You 6. David & Goliath 7. I'm Going Home 8. Do Lord 9. Song In The Air 10. Let's Live Together
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Strings Attached
Special Friends Productions GH-888
Disc One
1. Introduction 2. Look in the Sky 3. From the Beginning 4. Song of Hope 5. Chalice 6. Inseparable 7. John the Revelator 8. Children's Fantasy 9. Never Is a Long Time 10. Drum Solo 11. David and Goliath 12. Going Home 13. Do Lord 14. True Believer
Disc Two
1. Shades of Green 2. Overture (For Guitar and Orchestra) 3. One Day at a Time 4. Garden 5. Black Horse 6. South Bound 7. Mountains 8. Days Gone By 9. Let All the Bells Ring 10. Child of the Universe 11. Changes 12. Can You See Me 13. Tender Love
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Lineca LCCD 9.01254 O
1. One Day At A Time 2. Never Is A Long Time 3. Just Always 4. Special Friends 5. Coming Home 6. Song Of Hope 7. Child Of The Universe 8. Mountains 9. The Answer 10. Dawn Of A New Day
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Glass Harp, Decca DL-75261

It Makes Me Glad, Decca DL-75358

Song In The Air, Starsong SSR-0005 (This is a reissue of some of the songs by Phil Keaggy.)

Synergy, Decca DL-75306

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Glass Harp's Web Site
The John Sferra Home Page

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