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The band People has a unique sound. One that is very late 1960's. They use the typical rock band instruments of the day, guitars, drums, and organ. They also feature more than one singer allowing the songs to jump from voice to voice giving the music an active and exciting quality. People is not just another envelope expanding 60's band, and by singing of unstoppable elephants they did expand the envelope, but also an early player in the Jesus people movement. They chose the name "People" in order to stand in direct contrast to bands such as The Beatles, The Animals, The Monkees, and The Byrds. Despite proclamations involving elephants, their music really is about people and what Jesus has to offer them. They were one of the pioneering bands in a new form of Christian music that later would be found filed next to classical and gospel music in Christian book and music stores across the land. Yet People still holds a cutting edge. Their music is full of energy, and alive musicality. People's sound was unique when new, and is still unique today.

People entered the scene in the late 1960's. Unlike the Rolling Stones they did not remain on the scene for very long. The day their first album, I Love You, hit the stores, band member Larry Norman left the label (Capitol Records) due to Capitol's unauthorized changes to the album. Capitol changed the album title, the cover art, and even switched songs for different ones. Larry didn't like this so he left. Larry went on to a very notable and prolific solo career. Despite all this, People left us with some real gems of music during their short window of existence.

A list of People CD's and LP's


I Love You, Capitol CDP 7243 8 29797 2 2
We Wish You A Larry Christmas, SRD 864 (also includes some early Larry Norman songs)


Both Sides Of People, Capitol ST-151
I Love You, Capitol ST-2924
There Are People And There Are People, Paramount PAS-5013

A Song list of the "I Love You" Album

1000 Years B.C. by Robb Levin & Larry Norman
Nothing Can Stop the Elephants by Denny Fridkin & Albert Ribisi
Ashes of Me by Albert Ribisi
Crying Shoes by Denny Fridkin
I Love You by Chris White
What We Need Is a Lot More Jesus and a Lot Less Rock 'n' Roll by Wayne Raney
The Epic by Larry Norman & Denny Fridkin

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