Vladimír Mišík ETC Band

In June of 1990 I was traveling in East Germany and wandered into a music store. They had some discount records there for 0.10 East German Marks. One of them was Vladimír Mišík ETC Band: "They Cut Off The Little Boy's Hair", Supraphon 1113 2403. When I got back to the United States and played the record I was very pleased at what I heard. I just liked the music. The singing is in English even though the record was made in Czechoslovakia. It was recorded from October 13-22, 1975; and, October 17-21, 1977. It does have that 1970's sound. The songs on the album are:

Side One
Bazaar of Change
Why Does This Rose Fade and Die
Tea and Crumpets

Side Two
Where's My Desk Gone?
They Cut Off the Little Boy's Hair
Lady Vamp
I Have a Date at Half Past Four
Son of Daedalus

Since the creation of this web page on October 12, 1995 I've received much more information about Vladimír Mišík ETC Band:

Vladimír Mišík ETC Band CD's:

Jen se smej (Just laugh), Bonton Music, 1993
Live Unplugged, Bonton Music 71 0219-2, 1994
Mesto Z Perin, Bonton Music a. s. 71 0475-2, 1996
Nuz Na Hrdle, Sony Music / Bonton s. r. o. / Columbia 493170 2, 1999
Spejchar, This is a double CD that is a compilation of some previously unpublished songs. 1990
Stríhali Dohola Malého Chlapecka, Supraphon / Panton/ Bonton Music a. s. 71 0476-2, 1976, 1977, 1987
3, Supraphon / Bonton Music a. s. 71 0612-2, 1987
20 deka duse (20 dkg of a soul), 1989
2, Supraphon / Bonton Music a. s. 71 0564-2, 1980, 1993

Flamengo CD's:

Kure v hodinkách (Chicken in the clock), Sony Music / Bonton s. r. o. 491053 2

I'd like to thank David Gaydecka in Czechoslovakia for providing me with much of the information about this band. David attends Vladimír Mišík ETC Band concerts often, and has been following them for years.

If anybody knows more about Vladimír Mišík, please e-mail me.

© Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 by Torrey Nelson

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