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"Hey, did somebody lose a nose ring?"
"There is a nose ring. Where is it?"
"Right there."

The above conversation follow's the band's derailed first attempt at "The Karfluki Set". The derailed attempt's musical shortcomings contrast with the second attempt's musical perfection. The conversation offers a comical interlude before the band lays down the notes to one of their most masterful recorded instrumental jams. "The Karfluki Set" is just one of the fine songs on their 1997 CD release The Gravel Walk.

Tempest formed back in 1988 with Lief Sorbye (lead vocals, electric & acoustic mandolins, tin whistle, flute), Rob Wullenjohn (electric guitar, vocals), Mark Showalter (bass), and Adolfo Lazo (drums). In 1990 Ian Butler replaced Mark Showalter on bass. In 1992 Michael Mullen joined Tempest to play fiddle. In 1993 Michael Mullen left the band and was replaced by Jon Berger. In 1995 Michael Mullen returned to replace Jon Berger. Before the return of Mullen though, Ian Butler was replaced by John "Jay" Nania. More recently, after the recording of the Gravel Walk CD, John Land replaced Nania on bass and Dave Parnall replaced Rob Wullenjohn on electric guitar.

Lief Sorbye and Michael Mullen also play in a band called Caliban. Caliban is a two man group for small settings and features stylings similar to Tempest. Sorbye plays octave mandola and Mullen plays fiddle.

In short, Tempest plays Celtic rock. Short descriptions are rarely accurate. In more descriptive terms, Tempest plays an electrified, sometimes fast, many times graceful folk rock. Often it is all those things at once. Their folk themes trace from many places such as Scotland, Ireland, and Norway. Both their recordings and live shows are outstanding.

Tempest CD information

Magna Carta

1. Captain Ward 2. Dancing Girl 3. Dance of the Sand Witches 4. Iron Lady 5. Two Sisters 6. Wicked Spring 7. Old Man Flint 8. Villemann 9. Battle Mountain Breakdown 10. Journeyman 11. Between Us 12. Royal Oak: The Cow That Ate the Piper/Ulcers Enough for Two/Royal Oak/Toddy's Wedding
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1.Heather on the Moor 2.Soldier Song 3.Handsome Molly 4.Wild Rover 5.Desert Eyes 6.Captain Morgan 7.Same Side of the Fence 8.Dance of the Third Leg 9.Heart of Mine 10.Man Without a Name

15th Anniversary Collection
Magna Carta

Disc: 1
1. Masters Of War 2. Dance Of The Third Leg 3. One Last Cold Kiss 4. The Creel 5. Same Side Of The Fence 6. Toss The Feathers 7. Queen Of Argyll 8. Milligan's Fancy 9. Handsome Molly 10. Between Us 11. Coalminers' 12. Cat In The Corner 13. The Barrow Man 14. Jenny Nettles 15. Three Ships 16. Black Jack Davy 17. Winding Road
Disc: 2
1. Dunmore Lassies 2. One For The Fiddler 3. You Jacobites By Name 4. For Three Of Us 5. John Barleycorn 6. Baladi 7. Whiskey In The Jar 8. Reels On Fire 9. Heather On The Moor 10. Buffalo Jump 11. Two Sisters 12. Old Man Flint 13. Dancing Girl 14. As I Roved Out 15. Byker Hill 16. Catalina Island
Disc: 3
1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy 2. The Ballydesmond Set 3. Captain Morgan 4. Cruel Brother 5. Stonehenge 6. Bonden Og Kråka 7. The House Carpenter 8. On The Road 9. The Soul Cages 10. A Kiss In The Morning Early 11. Tamosher 12. Green Grow The Rashes 13. Top Of The Hill 14. The Karfluki Set
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The Gravel Walk
Magna Carta, MA-9018-2

1. One For The Fiddle 2. Buffalo Jump 3. Bonnie Lass Of Anglesey 4. Green Grow The Rashes 5. Flowers Of Red Hill 6. Sinclair 7. Plains Of Kildare 8. Trip Across The Mountain 9. Broken Ring 10. The Karfluki Set
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Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival 1999

1.Flowers of Red Hill 2.You Jacobites By Name 3.Green Grow the Rashes 4.Top of the Hill 5.Bonden Og Kraka (The Farmer and the Crow) 6.Buffalo Jump/ The Karfluki Set

Serrated Edge
Beacon, BCN-10100-2

1. Hal-an-Tow 2. Raggle Taggle Gypsy 3. A Kiss in the Morning Early 4. Reels on Fire 5. The House Carpenter 6. Whiskey in the Jar 7. Dark Lover 8. Tam Lin 9. Mad Tom of Bedlam 10. The Ballydesmond Set
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Magna Carta

1. Tomosher 2. Catalina 3. Old Man At The Mill 4. Natural Law 5. Byker Hill 6. Carnival 7. Coalminers 8. Winter Night 9. Fjellmannjenta 10. Curel Brother
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Sunken Treasures
Firebird, FAM10103-2

1. Queen Of Argyll 2. Nottamun Town 3. Milligan's Fancy 4. When Tenskwatawa Sings 5. Black Jack Davy 6. The Creel 7. And Shall Trelawny Die? 8. Cat In The Corner 9. Heavy Nettles 10. One Last Cold Kiss 11. Baladi 12. The Barrow Man 13. Winding Road 14. Parting Glass
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Surfing To Mecca
Firebird, FAM-10105-2

1. Top Of The Hill 2. You Jacobites By Name 3. On The Road 4. Spring Carol 5. Manifest Destiny 6. Surfing To Mecca 7. Green-Eyed Irish Girl 8. The Sleeping Highlander 9. Early Winter 10. Take You To The Well
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10th Anniversary Compilation
Magna Carta

1. You Jacobites By Name 2. Queen Of Argyll 3. Milligan's Fancy 4. Montara Bay 5. Hal-An-Tow 6. Top Of The Hill 7. Captain Morgan 8. Kiss In The Morning Early 9. Heather On The Moore 10. Jenny Nettles 11. House Carpenter 12. Sleeping Highlander
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Turn Of The Wheel
Magna Carta, MA-9007-2

1. The Barrow Man 2. Dunmore Lassies 3. The Soul Cages 4. Bogey's Bonnie Belle 5. The Midnight Sun 6. Winding Road 7. Bonden Og Kraka (The Farmer And The Crow) 8. For Three Of Us 9. Nine Points Of Roguery 10. Cat In The Corner
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Other CDs Featuring Tempest Musicians

Blue On Green, Rob Wullenjohn

1. Blue On Green 2. I Hear U Knockin 3. Blues For No-one 4. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 5. Three Way Jam 6. Shand's Blues 7. Full Load 8. I'm Down 9. Leaving Town Blues 10. The Water Is Wide 11. Copper and Brass 12. Long Blue 13. Grass Attack 14. Old Stone
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Caliban, Caliban
Magna Carta, MA-9030-2

1. The Open Door 2. Beeswing 3. The Journeyman 4. Tipsy Sailor 5. Oh No 6. Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Silde 7. The Pony Set 8. Bold John Barleycorn 9. Major Malley 10. What Put The Blood 11. Company Of Wolves
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